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SIGNIA Pure™ Charge&Go 7Nx Hearing Aids + Streamline TV Transmitter
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SIGNIA Pure™ Charge&Go 7Nx Hearing Aids + Streamline TV Transmitter

The most natural own voice with convenient wireless rechargeability.

SIGNIA Pure™ Charge&Go 7Nx Hearing Aids are the ultimate RIC. Pure Charge&Go Nx combines all the advantages of Signia Nx with convenient wireless rechargeability. It provides the most natural own voice and unrivaled speech intelligibility, top Bluetooth connectivity, full live remote support with Signia TeleCare 3.0, and the most high-tech wireless charging in a remarkably small design. Wearers no longer worry that they might struggle to change disposable batteries. Simply Charge&Go!

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Smart Phone integration for your convenience with hands-free voice command for ease of access.

Full control in your hands. Enjoy direct streaming of phone calls, music and TV.


Stream phone calls directly from your Applebsmartphone (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android smartphone) to your hearing aids for complete convenience.


Listen to your favorite music streamed directly into your hearing aids from your Apple device (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android device) for an outstanding sound experience.


With StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. You can easily start streaming and adjust the volume by using myControl App.

Remote Control

The myControl App lets you change Pure 312’s settings remotely and personalize your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences.

Your natural choice for performance and hearing. Whether you’re in a meeting, taking an important business call, preparing a presentation or meeting colleagues for lunch, with SIGNIA Pure™ Charge&Go 7Nx Hearing Aids + Streamline TV Transmitter you can enjoy the most natural sound experience along with superior connectivity and the longest wearing time while audio streaming from your smart phone and TV.

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